5 Days Can Make A Difference!

We have 5 days at the end of June that can make a big difference for us as a team and program. The first day is the Jaguar Duals on June 25th at Garnet Valley High School…no cost to our wrestlers, the booster club will be covering the cost. However, most important 4 days will be at the Lions Wrestling Team Camp at Rider University on June 27th – 30th.



4 Days in June – Lions Wrestling Team Camp:

This year, the Great Valley High School Wrestlers will be attending the Lions Wrestling Team Camp as a team. This is a great opportunity for the wrestlers to gain valuable match experience, learn new wrestling techniques, and bond as a team. Head Coach Mike Semar will also be staying at the camp for all four days (June 27th-June 30th). This overnight camp will be held at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. The drive time is about 50 minutes with no traffic. Each wrestler will get approximately 15 matches. We will have 10 dual meets and wrestlers will be matched against kids from other high school by Coach Semar. The most important links are listed below, but the camp web site is:  www.lionswrestling.com

We had 10 wrestlers attend our team camp and every wrestler and I am hoping to get 20 wrestlers this summer. The Lions Wrestling Camp is one of the largest camps in the country, last year 54 teams were represented. Coach Semar has attended this camp for over 22 years, please don’t hesitate to ask him questions if you have any…and feel free to touch base with Coach Hoffman who attended this camp four times as a wrestler!

Early registration ends May 1st and you can save yourself $15 if you register by the 1st. I have registered my son Jack already…so the camp is a go!


Registration Process (1-3 are active hyperlinks to the necessary Forms):


Mailing Address for the Medical Form and Medical Waiver:

  • Lions Wrestling Clinic, PO BOX 77282, Trenton, NJ 08628


Camp Cost:

  • If fully registered before May 1:

             Total payment per wrestler: $445

  • If fully registered before June 15:

             Total payment per wrestler: $460

                  Total for two brothers: $840

  • If not fully registered before June 15:

                  Total for each individual: $500


Please let Coach Semar know if you will be attending the team camp. Space can be limited, but if you sign up early, you will be guaranteed a Great Valley wrestler as a roommate and your room will be on the same floor as the rest of our team. Register on-line and then mail the attached two Medical Waivers to the Lions Wrestling Clinic.


1 Day in June – Jaguar Duals:

This will be the 3rd time the Great Valley High School has attended the Jaguar Duals at Garnet Valley High School. We will wrestle 4-5 dual meets against other high school teams. There have been teams and clubs from PA, NJ, DE, and even MD in the past. The Great Valley Wrestling Boosters Club will be covering the cost for all of the Great Valley wrestlers. There are no weigh-ins, the coaches simply match kids by age, weight and experience…there is no team score. Some wrestlers have actually gotten more than 10 matches on this one day, most will have about 7.

Please let the coaches know if you are planning to attend. Coach Semar, Coach McNabb, Coach Hoffman, and Coach Kulendran will be coaching the team all day. Last year we were done by 2:00pm. If you have a conflict, let Coach Semar know, you do not have to attend the entire time if you have another commitment.

Please complete the attached Jaguar Duals Waiver and return it to Coach Semar at Open Mats or 6 AM Strength Training to save your spot.




Texting Waiver:

The texting waiver needs to be completed for the high school coaches to communicate with the wrestler via texting. Please print and complete the attached “Consent Form for District Employee/Student Text Messaging” form for the 2016-17 season (starts now) and return it to Coach Semar.



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