MAWA Update: Set-up time change-tonight’s set-up will be at 7:00pm (due to the snow), Walk-in registrations will now be accepted from 7-7:30am on Saturday for the tournament.

MAWA (Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Association) is an off-season wrestling championship than ends with  Eastern National Champions being crowned. We are lucky enough to host one of the 24 qualifiers that are held from Maine down to Virginia. If you place in the top three this weekedend, you qualify to wrestle in the regions several weeks from now, and region place winners get to compete in Salisbury, Maryland for the Eastern National Championships. If you have not signed-up yet, please consider coming on Saturday morning. Most outdoor games and practices for the spring sports will be cancelled tomorrow due to the snow. The weight classes are fairly empty and you would have an excellent shot at qualifying for regions. I hope to see everyone on Saturday morning.

Mat set-up, the GVWA donates a substantial amount of time, energy , and money supporting the GVHS program. Even if you are not planning to wrestle due to injury or other commitments, please consider helping set-up Friday night on Saturday working at a table.

As always, please plan to attend OPEN MATS on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm.

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