OFF-SEASON WRESTLING OPPORTUNITIES: Open Mats, Lifting, 6am Technique Training, TCNJ Team Camp, MAWA’s, & Turks Head Wrestling club.

1. Open Mats-every Wednesday night from 6-7:30pm in the GVHS wrestling room (open to all HS, MS, and youth wrestlers). Open mats will begin on Wednesday March 14th.

2. 6am Technique Training-every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-6:45am in the wrestling room. These sessions will focus on a specific areas of wrestling…legs, upper body throws, front headlock attacks, etc.

3. TCNJ Team Camp-please make every effort to attend, you can save money if you put a down payment down early.

4. MAWA Wrestling Tournament at GVHS-it is at GVHS!!! You should attend and wrestle…Weigh-ins are on Thursday March 15th and wrestling is on Saturday March 18th.

5. Looking to Take the Next Step?-Turks Head Wrestling Club (held at WC Rustin) runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights, work with other coaches and get to wrestle other wrestlers to make you better!

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