Strength Training

I am excited to announce that our “TRAIN HEROIC” strength training program begins tomorrow. Wrestlers can use the school equipment before or after school, I will be doing the workout before school (you can also do this workout at most gyms or at home if you have the equipment). Train Heroic is a professionally designed Strength Training Program for high school wrestlers. The workouts will take about 45 minutes each day. The first 4 weeks are considered Baseline Weeks and will eventually get more complicated, but not more time consuming. It will take a little time for all of us to get familiar with the total program, please be patient. Feel free to contact Coach Semar if you have any questions or if you would like more information.

The following are some of the exercises you may want to see prior to Baseline Week 1, Days 1-3:

Air Squats

Slide Planks

Farmer Walks

Band Pull Aparts

Walking Lunges


Inverted Rows

Band Triceps

Straight Bar Bicep Curls

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