Trivia Answer: Coach Andrew “soon to be a father” Hoffman. The team wrestled well all day today. Keefe Thornton picked up his second win, Brendan Kahn reeled off 3 straight, Nate Paolella notched a win, while Gabe Sanchez and Andrew DiSanto picked up multiple wins. In the last match of the night, Joe O’Neil won 5-0 over Adevon Hoffman to secure the team victory over Pascack Hills 32-31 in the final bout.

The wrestlers are banged up, wrestling 109 total bouts in front of coach Semar over the last 24 hours!

Total matches:

Casey Capetola 7

Keefe Thornton 8

Brendan Kahan 9

Myles Maurer 7

Jake Snyder 7

Luke Wilson 7

Sean Maloney 6

Nate Paolella 6

Pat Driscoll 6

Andrew DiSanto 8

Ethan Seeley 8

Gabe Sanchez 6

Joe O’Neil 6

Tyler Lafferty 6

Ryan Cavanagh 7

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